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The most important decision relating to your footwear choice is how well your footwear performs.

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The Issue

Any shoe can ‘stick' or ‘grab' the floor leaving the foot stationary as the knee twists, particularly during turning and pivoting. This twisting is not only uncomfortable it can lead to very serious knee damage.

The solution

Simply position and attach a pair of Pivot Points to the soles of your shoes! 

Not just for those beginning their tai chi practise, highly skilled practitioners and competitors who perform at an advanced level, identify pivoting freely as invaluable to their practise.

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Pivot Points allow you to
move with confidence.

"Not only tai chi practitioners,

Dancers from Ballroom to Contemporary are loving

pivot points."

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A twisted knee is a common problem that can cause damage to the ligaments and cartilage in the knee. It often results in pain and swelling, instability and limiting function. The most common knee twisting injuries usually occur during activities where  the foot remains fixed to the ground while the leg rotates, overstretching and twisting the knee.  A knee twisting injury may damage one or more of the four ligaments and/or cause pinching on the cartilage/meniscus which may result in a tear.

Research and development began in 2015, in conjunction with Medical Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Tai Chi Masters.

Pivot Points have been designed to give your foot the ability to move and rotate more freely. Regardless of your level of experience, you should  feel able to practice  to the best of your ability. Adding Pivot Points to your shoes can even increase your confidence by allowing you to practise each movement accurately.

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There is much footwork in tai chi that involves pivoting (rotating on the ball of the foot).


Many practitioners have experienced knee strain, discomfort and pain and, in some cases, even torn a meniscus particularly when first learning these postures.There are a number of shoes available in the marketplace today which ’feature’ pivot points in an effort to assist foot rotation and reduce injury. Unfortunately, these features are molded into the soles which is of little value if the sole itself impedes footwork. 

Pivot Points are easy to apply. They are lightweight and durable and do not affect the integrity of your footwear. Suitable for most shoe types including rubber soles, synthetic soles, even your well loved favourites.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Perfect for those with arthritis of the knees, knee injuries and knee replacements.



"The difference these have made to my tai chi is unbelievable"

Pete. B

“I have just started classes and adding pivot points to my new shoes

has made it so easy ...  BRILLIANT”

Vicki T.

“ Our students have made remarkable progress since wearing Pivot Points,

we can't recommend them more highly"

The Tai Chi Centre 

“The relief was immediate, my knees are thanking me.

Sue B.

" Everything is so much easier now that I don't worry about my knees "

Graeme S

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